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What's this about?

Medik8 will use a fixed amount of their yearly profits to fund Medik8's new charitable umbrella called The Zipper Foundation. The money is used to help some incredible animal-focused projects continue to do their great work.

The Zipper Foundation

Given our limited means, we have decided to make our funds available to targeted charitable projects only. So that we can really make a difference to a few lives - just as Zipper did when amongst us. We have selected six animal welfare areas to support causes that are close to our hearts and select projects we believe, how ever small, can make a difference. 

The animal welfare projects fall in the following categories: Cruelty-Free, Shelter & Rescue, Dog Meat, Wildlife Trade, IQ Rights and Blood Sports.

Our Launch Project

The Foundation launched on February 13th 2019. As a special token of our love, we have donated £10,000 in Zipper's name to help save 200 dogs (his friends) from a dog meat farm closure in South Korea to help kickstart our foundation.

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